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The next Stravos heir… 

For billionaire Niko Stravos, emotional detachment is an art form. So the last thing he expects is an out-of-character night with Sofia Moore, or the shocking consequences: he's going to be a daddy! 

Niko persuades chambermaid Sofia to join him on a round-the-world business trip, determined to deal with his emotional turmoil. As Sofia's beauty and compassion touch Niko's heart, it's time to confront the past so he can convince relationship-wary Sofia that he wants a future!



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Available: August 1, 2016

A Moment to Cherish

(A Whistle Stop Romance, book 4)

NOTE: can be read as a standalone and has its own HEA!

Whistle Stop is abuzz...the mayoral election is just weeks away.

Candidate Mason Noble has a vested interest in fast-tracking the town's revitalization project. But the votes he'd counted on are drying up because his engagement to Bella Nez ended abruptly. The local grapevine is humming with rumors, but only he and Bella know the truth. And they aren't talking!

When an emergency puts Bella in the proverbial tough spot, she needs money and fast. There's only one person who can help--Mason. He agrees to a loan, but he has a condition. He needs Bella by his side again. A reconciliation would win over the townspeople--and it would give him a chance to win back the only woman he's ever loved.

Bella hesitates to accept Mason's terms. Until she's blindsided by unexpected news that has her rethinking everything. Bella is expecting a baby, and there's a heart-wrenching choice to be made...

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