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Monday Mayhem: Christmas Is Almost Here


Okay, so the actual holiday isn't until next week, but I get my favorite Christmas present early.  tee-hee-hee :-) Aren't I a lucky girl? 

Yes, I've regressed in years with giddiness. But I've been waiting and waiting for the holiday to arrive.

And what may you ask is my most treasured and wanted gift this year?

Not a new car. Not a new house. Not anything you can buy in a store.

Nope. The gift I'm looking forward to is having my whole family together.

I know when the kids are small it's easy to take the holidays for granted, but all too soon you find yourself looking up to those kids that now tower over you. And then suddenly they're spreading their wings and leaving the nest. That's when you realize that the holidays just aren't the same without them. Not at all.

Christmas isn't about the lights and decorations. It isn't how many presents Santa leaves under the tree (although the kids, no matter how old they get, might passionately disagree). It's the smiles and laughter. It's the retelling of old stories. It's crowding together in the kitchen to bake Christmas cookies and getting more sprinkles on the table and floor than on the cookie dough.

When it comes down to it, it's all about making memories. Those are what you'll hang on to as you grow older. Some days it seems like just yesterday when my kids were wee ones. How they grew up so fast is beyond me.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye.

So it is my wish for you this holiday season to make some cherished memories.

Happy holidays!!!

P.S. how in the world am I expected to get any writing done this week? ;-)