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My Friday Read


It's time for a confession....

I'm behind on my reading. :-(

I really enjoy my reading time and this year I've noticed a drastic decrease in the time I have available to read. Even my hubby noticed it. And then he said well I guess Santa doesn't have to bring anymore editions to the Virgin River series. WHAT?!*%@!

Say it isn't so...but don't worry I don't have to go without. I do have a couple of VR books on my TBR pile from my birthday. ;-)

I guess this means I need to get started on a New Year's resolution. Now normally I don't do resolutions, but in this case I think it's necessary so I can find some balance/reading time. It won't be easy, but sometimes you have to make the tough decisions to make everything work more smoothly.

In the meantime, I'm going to finish reading a couple of holiday books from my previous Friday Reads. So it's up to you to throw out some names of great books you're reading now. I'm anxious to hear what I'm missing out on.

So what's your Friday read?