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Welcome back! This is Peg M. Downe, your roving reporter with a third and final installment for the RANCHER TO THE RESCUE interviews. After spending most of the week in New Mexico, this New Yorker can definitely see why people fall in love with the Land of Enchantment as New Mexico is rightly dubbed. It is impressive with its wide open spaces and amazing sunsets.

Today, I’m talking with a lifelong resident of New Mexico, Cash's grandmother. Gram… do you mind if I call you that? Seems like everyone at the Tumbling Weed calls you that.

[GRAM] I suppose that would be all right. What do you have on your mind?

[PEG M. DOWNE] Why don’t we start by you telling us your age so we can get an idea of how long you’ve lived here?

[GRAM] *she bats her eyes innocently* A lady never reveals her age. But if you must know I passed thirty a few years back.

[PEG M. DOWNE] And you don’t look a day over thirty. The desert sun must agree with you. How about you tell us a little about New Mexico? This is my first trip here. And I can already see why the author chose this as the setting for the RANCHER TO THE RESCUE.

[GRAM] *she sits up straighter and beams with pride* This is the most beautiful stretch of land you'll find with its wide open ranges and magnificent mountain ranges. As for the book, it couldn't have been set anywhere else. My grandson is the star of the story and New Mexico is his home. Always will be.

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[PEG M. DOWNE] Has Cash always lived here at the Tumbling Weed?

[GRAM] Umm...no.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Care to elaborate? How old was he when he came to live here? What were the circumstances?

[GRAM] I…I don’t want to talk about this. Some things are best left in the past.

[PEG M. DOWNE] I see. Well, how about you? Have you always lived here?

[GRAM] Goodness yes. My daddy started this ranch many moons ago. And some day, God willing, Cash will hand it down to his kids.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Is that something Cash is interested in? Having a family that is?


[GRAM] See there you go trying to put words in my mouth. You’re sharp but not sharp enough. If you want to know more about my grandson, I suggest you hustle down to the bookstore July 1st and pick up a copy of the book that's been written about him and Meghan. It’ll tell you what you need to know.

Well folks, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Looks like we’ll all be waiting to get our hands on a copy of RANCHER TO THE RESCUE. Then, at last, we'll get to the bottom of Cash and Meghan’s story. And I can tell you that I now have more questions than answers.

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