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Thank you!!! Winners Announced


This is Peg M. Downe signing in for the last time. We want to thank you so much for stopping by this week and taking part in the website/blog launch. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will stop back often for updates on Jennifer Faye’s books and some slice of life posts on her blog: Hearts & Scribbles.

And thanks to Cash, Meghan and Gram for your lively interviews. You’ve certainly left this reporter with a lot more questions than answers…that doesn’t happen often. ;-)

And now without further ado, it’s time to pull the names from a hat. *searches through the closet throwing aside coats and umbrellas* Ah, here we go. *tosses folded pieces of paper in a Pittsburgh Penguins ball cap and gives it a healthy toss*

Peg M. Downe.jpg

Drum roll please.

      Emily Allen  - $5 Starbucks Gift Certificate

      Donna Marie Rogers - $5 Starbucks Gift Certificate

      Wendi Sotis - $5 Starbucks Gift Certificate

      Stacey Joy Netzel - $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

And now for the grand prize, the $50 Amazon Gift Certificate:

 Laura Sass 

HUGE congrats!!!

If you would contact Jennifer Faye with your name and email addy via her contact page, she’ll get your prizes out to you.

Happy reading everyone!!!