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COVER REVEAL - Rancher To The Rescue!!!


Welcome to the second installment of the RANCHER TO THE RESCUE interview series!

I’m Peg M. Downe, your relentless reporter. After that abrupt ending to my sit-down with Cash Sullivan yesterday, I had to sweet talk Meghan Finnegan into taking a turn in this reporter’s hot seat.

Meghan, thank you so much for joining us. You’re a local celebrity as television’s Jiffy Cook. That must be so exciting to be so young and have such an exciting career. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

[MEGHAN] I’m twenty-eight. I’ve been working in the food industry since I was in high school. Becoming the Jiffy Cook wasn’t something I’d planned. It just sort of happened. The best part of the job is all of the wonderful viewers I get to meet.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Could you tell everyone about your favorite recipe?

[MEGHAN] Hmm...I don't know if I can choose just one. This is a tough question. I like a wide variety of ethnic foods. If I had to choose my absolute favorite, it’d have to be Mexican cuisine. After all, I was born and bred in New Mexico.

Peg M. Downe.jpg

[PEG M. DOWNE] I’m sure it must be fun trying those dishes out on your television show. Obviously your audience loves them too since your ratings are soaring. I’ve heard rumors that your local cooking show is being moved to a much larger audience, some even say it’ll go national, can you confirm this?

[MEGHAN] *a little smile tugs at her lips* I’m afraid at this time I can't comment.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Surely you can give us some sort of hint at what is going on? I mean you’re obviously not at the studio working. Is that because you are moving to a bigger studio?

[MEGHAN] I'm sure someone from the network will make a statement soon.

[PEG M. DOWNE] You know we'll all be waiting to hear the news. Now for something a little more personal. Whatever happened to your fiancé in Albuquerque?


*Cash strides into the room*

[MEGHAN] *Meghan's gaze moves between Peg and Cash* If you want the real truth and not some wild rumors, you'll have to read RANCHER TO THE RESCUE. It's all in there.

[PEG M. DOWNE] But this is your chance to clear things up here and now instead of waiting for the book.

[MEGHAN] Trust me, the wait will be worth it. I'm sorry but I've got to go now.

*Cash holds his arm out to Meghan and escorts her from the room*

[PEG M. DOWNE] Folks, it seems these folks are holding out on us. But they can’t hold out much longer. I have it on good authority that their tell-all-tale, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE, is available for pre-order and will be on store shelves July 1st. And I plan to be first in line. ;-)

Stop back tomorrow as I wrap up this interview series with a very special guest in the Hot Seat.

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And now for a very exciting moment. Jennifer Faye's very first book cover. SQUEE!!!!

Rancher to the Rescue - Cover Only.jpg