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Weigh-in Wednesday - Unplugging & Motivating


Hi. Thanks for joining me. This is Weigh-in Wednesday where I’ll blog about my journey to fitness…aka unplugging from the pc and motivating. This might tell you how much time I spend on my computer: I bought a new laptop six weeks ago and it already has a worn spot on the space bar. Yikes! I knew that with being a writer I used my pc a lot, but not that much. Hmm…

My endeavor with Weigh-in Wednesday is to report in about my progress in the “get fit” arena. And if you’d like to join me, I’d love the company. These things always seem to work better for me when I know that someone is going to check in on me. Accountability is a strong motive. No one wants to say that they failed at something.

So join me if you want. We can each do it “our own way” as I don’t believe that there’s a method that fits all. It’s what works for you and something else that works for me. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t cheer each other on and report in on our progress. And share some tips along the way.

Today I’m unplugging and motivating. I’ll report back next week with the method I use and how I’m doing.

Wish me luck!