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Monday Mayhem - Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

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I know you’re thinking I’m crazy…perhaps. ;-) But I’m one of the unusual people who loves snow and Mondays. But unlike snow, I don’t grow tired of Mondays.

Mondays are the beginning of the week. And I love beginnings! They are so full of potential. Anything is possible. And I love to have planned out goals that I strive to achieve that week. Now granted, I don’t always achieve those goals, but it sure is fun to try.

And sometimes life has a way of throwing me a curve ball, which just happened the other week. I didn’t even see it coming. Talk about blindsided. So instead of working on my original goals for the week, I was off putting out another fire. So that week I utterly failed to accomplish what I'd set out to do. But that’s okay. There’s always next week.

This morning as I sip at my tea, I’m plotting out what I need to get done this week. My to-do list is looking a bit lengthy, which sends my blood pressure skyward. But if I slow down and don't look at the list as a whole but rather only the first item, it looks doable.

Instead of one day at a time, I'm taking it one task at a time.

How about you? Do you enjoy Mondays? Do you write out to-do lists and cross them off as you accomplish them?