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Weigh-in Wednesday - The Beginning


Now that my website has gotten into shape, I guess it’s time I did the same and lost a little from the bottom line. :-) So consider Wednesdays our meeting place, not necessarily to weigh-in. I’d never make anyone tell me the number on their scale…some things are sacred. But you can tell me what you learned this past week about health/nutrition/exercises or about any success you’ve had with shaping up, and I’ll do the same.

I know of one free and helpful tool I like to use that was pointed out by a friend on Twitter. It’s called LoseIt.com. Has anyone tried it? What did you think?

I liked that I could eat anything I wanted AS LONG AS I didn’t overdo my calorie budget for the day. And my exercise credits were taken into account.

However, I soon learned that for it to work best for me, I had to plan out my food items in the morning just so I didn’t get too excited at lunch and overdo the calories. Or if I had something planned for dinner such as take-out or dinner out, I could set aside extra calories to cover it.

It all comes down to the numbers and as a former statistician, I must admit that I love #’s. They make my life so much easier.

But I received a special gift from a family member since they knew I was intent on getting up from my laptop and moving. So I’m trying the Weight Watcher’s plan. This is a first for me. And I must admit that the number system they use takes a little getting used to after counting calories. But I love that you can eat real food and not diet food.

I love how the activity points are counted separate from the daily food intake points and the anytime points. I’ve had it on good advice that you don’t want to use your activity points if you want to see the scale decrease.

So this week I lost a couple of pounds. It's not anything amazing but at least I’m headed in the right direction.

BTW, just so you know, there were a couple of days where I didn’t want to do what I should, but I knew that I had to report in here and I didn’t want to say I failed in my first week. That would be horrible. LOL. So thank you for the help!

How about you? Are you a calorie-cruncher? If not, what method works best for you?