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My Friday Read: NYC Angels: Redeeming The Playboy by Carol Marinelli

In my endeavor to shrink my ever-growing/teetering TBR pile--so I'll have even more room to buy yet more books (does anyone see a problem yet???)--I'm doing a post every Friday about my current book boyfriend. Hopefully this will be an added incentive to do to break away from my hectic schedule and do one of the things I love the most--READ! ;-)

This Friday's Read is NYC ANGELS: REDEEMING THE PLAYBOY by Carol Marinelli

I'm partway through this book and if it wasn't for a looming editor deadline, I'd have found out what happened. But as fate would have it, I left off at a total cliffhanger moment near the end and I'm dying to know what has happened. Ugh!

If you like no-nonsense, take-charge men, Dr. Jack Carter is the man for you. ;-) And of course, a strong man needs an equally strong lady and Nina Wilson definitely fits the bill. I must say in the beginning I was not sure how these two would ever get together, but it's been a thrilling ride and I can't wait to read the last chapter or so.

This is a great start to the NYC Angels series. I can't wait to start book #2.

Taming New York's coolest doctor

Head pediatrician Jack Carter may be the king of emotional detachment, but working with psychologist Nina Wilson tests his iron control to the limit! When a heart-wrenching case throws them together, legendary bachelor Jack soon finds that he's getting closer to his colleague than his cool, detached persona would like….

I love to talk books. So tell me what's next on your TBR pile? It doesn't have to be romance. There are other genres out there, aren't there? LOL.