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Rugged Rancher Interview & Giveaway


Welcome! This is Peg M. Downe, your roving reporter. You wouldn’t believe how hard I’ve worked to secure this series of interviews. My first sit-down will be with Cash Sullivan, the proprietor of the Tumbling Weed Ranch and the drool worthy star of the upcoming debut novel, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Cash, thanks for joining us. We're really anxious to get to know a little about you.

[CASH] There isn't much to know. I'm just an average cowboy. End of story. If it wasn’t for Meg and my grandmother insisting I do this interview, I’d just as soon be mucking out stalls.

[PEG M. DOWNE] So that's where those bulky muscles came from. Mucking out stalls never looked so good. Hmm... From what I hear, you're far from average. Could you tell us about the circumstances that let you to ride to Meghan's rescue like Prince Charming?

[CASH] *A deep rumble of laughter fills the air* I'm definitely no one's Prince. And Meg is a strong lady. She sure doesn't need me or anyone to rescue her. She can take care of herself.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Good looking and modest. What a combo. Cash, how about sharing with us some fun or interesting facts about yourself? Let’s begin with your childhood.


[CASH] I don’t know if it’s a fun fact, but I was born in the back of a horse trailer at a rodeo stop in Wyoming. I grew up on the rodeo circuit, going from town to town. I could ride a horse before I could walk.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Born in a horse trailer? You really were bred for this way of life. I notice you’re a little restless. I suppose with a ranch to run, you don’t have much time to sit around and talk. We'll make this short. If you weren’t here talking to us, what would you most likely be doing?

[CASH] Once the livestock is tended to, I’d be breaking in a horse for a cowboy who’s anxious to take him out on the circuit.

[PEG M. DOWNE] So you train horses and sell them to other cowboys?

[CASH] Yes. I'm hoping that the Tumbling Weed will soon be one of the largest horse ranches in the Southwest.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Have you always been a rancher?

[CASH] *Cash shakes his head* I used to be out there on the rodeo circuit, moving from town to town on the hunt for the next win.

[PEG M. DOWNE] You sound like you really miss life on the rodeo circuit. Did you win many awards?

[CASH] I spent my share of time in the winner's circle. I'm a two-time World Champion Steer Wrestler.

[PEG M. DOWNE] Oh my, that does sound impressive. Would you mind setting the record straight about the circumstances that led you to walk away from the rodeo circuit?

*Cash stands, yanks the mic from his shirt and heads for the door*

[CASH] I should have known you’d want to dig around in my past. You reporters are all the same, sniffing around for a bit of scandal to make some headlines.

[PEG M. DOWNE] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.

Peg M. Downe.jpg

*Cash strides out the door*

Well folks, seems I touched upon a sensitive nerve with the sexy rancher. Looks like we'll have to read RANCHER TO THE RESCUE and find out what that cowpoke is hiding. ;-)

Make sure you stop back tomorrow when I get the Jiffy Cook, Meghan Finnegan, in the Hot Seat. And....

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