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Weigh-in Wednesday: Getting Over The Hurdles


I’ve never been one to try fad diets. Seems like they’re here today and gone tomorrow. All of them claiming that they’re the miracle cure. I was raised to believe that if something sounded too good to be true, it was. So I curtailed them.

I never had an issue with weight when I was young aka before kids/office job. But even after the kids, I lost the baby weight. I would walk every day and soak up the sunshine, but then something happened, my priorities shifted and there was less me time and more what I had to get done that day so the first thing to go was exercise because if I didn’t exercise it wouldn’t affect the family, they’d never know. And I’d have time for everything else. Do you ever feel like that? Where you have to make sacrifices to fit everything in?

Looking back now I realize that might not have been the best way of making more time in my schedule. If I had just kept up with the walking and ignored the “Are you sure you don’t want on more piece…” I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. *sigh* Hindsight is after all twenty-twenty.

I’ve now finished my second week of Weight Watcher’s and I’m down 1.5 lbs. this week for a total loss of 4 lbs. Not bad. I wasn’t expecting miracles. ;-)


And I’ve found that apples are becoming my best friends. I’m finding that in order to conserve points, I cut back at lunchtime. Usually I’m in a rush and just grab a can of soup which is light in points. But that doesn’t last all afternoon so I grab an apple. Zero points and satisfying. Definitely a win-win.

And I have a confession, we were scheduled to go out this week and the meal was pre-planned which means no choices. Well I blew through half of my points for this week on that one meal. Amazing! I didn’t think that meal was THAT bad. Obviously I was wrong. So if I report a weight loss next week, it’ll be a miracle. But I’m kicking up my exercise and we shall see how I do. Fingers crossed.

So how did you do this week? Did you do anything different?

And what’s your go to snack to get you over the rough spots?