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My Friday Read - Winning Back His Wife by Melissa McClone #FridayReads @melissamcclone

This week I pulled a book off my TBR pile that I’ve really been looking forward to. Oh, who am I kidding, I get excited about all of the books in my TBR pile. LOL.

If you read Melissa McClone’s books, you probably know that she’s been writing a series about Hood Hamlet. I love this series. There’s excitement, danger, friendship, love and community. What isn’t there to love?

This book is about Dr. Cullen Grey. He moved to Hood Hamlet around a year ago and pretty much kept to himself. The reason for his aloofness spills out in the opening pages of this book in a very exciting, page-turning way. ;-)

The only problem with being a writer myself is that it takes me away from reading. :-( So I’m about halfway through this book and loving it.

There is some bad news to report…The last book in the Hood Hamlet series will be released in November. And you know who will be in line to get it. I will miss these characters.

If you get a chance, I’d recommend checking out this book or the entire series. Each book is written to stand on its own so don’t worry if you jump in mid-stream. It’s all good.

Stop back next week and find out what I'm reading next.

Okay, now it's your turn. What are you reading?

Her first love…

When Sarah Purcell ends up in hospital, she's shocked to find the dreamy doc by her bedside is her soon-to-be ex-husband, Cullen Grey!

Sarah's reluctantly released into Cullen's care, but he's as emotionally distant as ever, and her old insecurities bubble over. Surely the new life he's forged for himself in Hood Hamlet proves he can live without her?

Their second chance?

Caring for his wife 24/7, this time Cullen won't bury his feelings. As the tremors of their old attraction erupt, he has one thing on his mind: it's time to bring his wife back by his side—where she belongs.