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Monday Mayhem - Smile & Say Cheese

My Monday is full of mayhem. Want to trade??? Please…

Fine. Be that way. ;-)

I don’t know how you feel about getting your picture taken, but the older I get, the less I like the experience. When I was young, I never minded having a flash go off in my face. These days I’d much rather look at those bygone images and imagine I still look twenty-something. The mind can play wonderful tricks in the name of denial.

Well after much foot-dragging, excuse-making and whining, I’m going to have my formal picture taken. So while you’re reading this post, I’m most likely sweating-bullets sitting in a photography studio, angling my chin this way and that way…


“Could you turn just a little more? Almost. There you go. Now without moving your head turn your body the opposite direction…and then do a handstand.” LOL. *shakes head*

So no sweat pants today…or at least not for part of it. I have to put on big girl clothes, wear make-up, put in my contacts instead of settling for my glasses. Wow, this is almost like having an office job again. LOL. Oh and I almost forgot I’ll have to style my hair instead of tossing it up in my usual ponytail…

Speaking of which, did I tell you I got my hair cut and styled for this too?

And let me tell you after a couple months of growing it all out, including my bangs, I was thrilled to get it cut into something more manageable. Now whether it’ll stay the way it is in the picture is a totally different subject for another post. LOL.

Boy, I’m exhausted just telling you about it. This picture taking stuff is a lot of work. :-)

I sure hope it turns out okay. I guess we’ll find out soon.

Other than your driver’s license, which totally doesn’t count, when was the last time you go gussied up for a picture? Do you like to pose for the camera? Or would you rather be the one behind the camera?