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My Friday Read - The Sinful Art of Revenge by Maya Blake #FridayReads @MayaBlake

This week I decided to read something a little different. I pulled a debut author from my TBR. Maya Blake's North America debut is Harlequin Presents ~ The Sinful Art of Revenge.

I’ve been looking forward to this book. I just pulled back the cover on it, but I can already tell you that I’m already hooked. Maya has a beautiful voice and a gripping style that draws me right into the story.

If you like sexy alpha’s then Damion Fortier is your man. And if you like your heroines with steely determination as well as hidden vulnerability, Reiko Kagawa definitely fits the bill.

Next week I’m planning to plunge into something in the historical genre. Check back and see what I'm reading next.

Okay, now it's your turn. What are you reading?

Taking what is rightfully his

Endless tabloid coverage has left Reiko Kagawa with 


 too much information about art dealer Damion Fortier's legendary playboy exploits—everyone knows he's renowned for leaving a wake of broken hearts across Europe's most glamorous destinations!

Reiko knows she has two things Damion wants: the first, a priceless painting and Fortier heirloom. The second, her seriously off-limits body! And she has no intention of giving him access to either.

Damion isn't used to beautiful women scorning his advances, so it's definitely time to turn his lethal charm up one last notch to ensure he gets exactly what he wants….