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Weigh-in Wednesday + Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop

NOTE: if you are looking for the Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop, this is the last day. Lots of great prizes. Scroll down to the next post and you’ll find it. Good luck!!!


Hi. It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday again. These weeks seem to go by so quickly. So how have you been doing? I can’t wait to hear.

I have some great news…the scale moved downward. Woohoo!!! I’m down 8 lbs since I started Weigh-In Wednesday. My progress isn’t earth shaking or anything but I’m happy with it. Especially when the hubby says my pants are getting baggy. ;-)

But I do have a complaint to file, how come WW’s says congrats you’ve lost weight. You did a great job. And then they take away a point? Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair. Am pouting. ;-)

So now I exercise most every day with some exceptions. Dieting just isn’t enough. And as much as I dread going to exercise, I feel awesome after I’ve finished.


I’ve found that apples and rice crisps are becoming my best friends. In order to conserve points, I have a can of Campbell's soup at lunchtime. It's fast and simple with pretty low points. But it just isn't satisfying as there's nothing to chew. That's why a nice crisp Granny Smith apple is ideal for me.

But depending on my level of exercise that morning, it might not tide me over until dinner. That's when the rice crisps come into play. I found that I don't care for the big rice cakes but the little crisps have lots of seasoning and I like them...especially the ranch flavor. And I can have nine of them for one point. Win-win! :-)

I know we missed last week due to the blog hop I participated in so I’m anxious to hear what I missed. How did you do over the past couple of weeks? Did you do anything different? Learn a new weight loss tip?