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My Friday Read – Run, Hide by Carol Ericson #FridayRead @CarolAEricson

This week I wanted to switch up my reading a little. I wanted something with an edge-of-the-seat excitement. And Carol Ericson’s books never fail to deliver. Yes, I’m a fan of Carol’s. She has a very engaging voice and style. I just love her books.

This book is about an estranged husband, wife and child…on the run. Cade Stark is ubber sexy. He’s a spy being hunted by so really bad guys. You can feel the attraction between him and Jenna from the start, but they have a lot to overcome.

Okay, now it's your turn. What are you reading?

If they ever find you, run

Those are the words Jenna Stark has lived by for three years. But now the stakes are much higher. Her child is in danger and only one man can keep them alive. The man who forced her into a life on the run: her husband.

Cade Stark curses the day he was recruited for a covert ops organization—and the perilous assignment that tore the Navy SEAL from his new wife's side. Cade's only mission now is to protect Jenna and their young son. On the run from a vengeance-seeking arms dealer, desire reignites, hot and unstoppable. That's when Cade realizes how much he'll risk to win back Jenna's trust. And how far he'll go to offer his son a future.