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Weigh-in Wednesday: Losing Weight & Feeling Guilty


Hi. Thanks for stopping in. I must admit that this is my favorite weekly blog column. So many great people stop by and share what works for them to get fit. I’ve been learning all kinds of things. Thank you! Please keep sharing tips and ideas.

Your support has meant a lot. On those mornings when I’m tired and sluggish and just don’t want to do my exercises, I think of you. I really don’t want to come in here and tell you that I was too lazy to do my thing while you all are doing your own thing. So thanks for the added push.

As such I lost a half pound this week. Not great all by itself, but still the scale is going down. And since I started Weigh-in Wednesday, I’ve lost a combined 9.5 lbs. Woohoo! Moved down a size and got rid of some clothes. :-D

But through it all I still find myself feeling guilty. I guess it’s because other times when I’ve tried to lose weight, I exercised to the max…to the point of falling asleep at my computer in the middle of the day. And always being hungry.

Now that I’m on Weight Watcher’s, I’m not starved. *hence the guilty feeling* BUT I’m losing weight. This is just going to take me a bit to get used to. ;-) And I’m not exercising myself into exhaustion. In fact, I give myself some days off to recoup. *cue more guilt*


These days I’m having blackberries for breakfast, an apple for lunch, and a nectarine for a snack. And none of them have points. Honest. *cue a little guilt, feels more like I’m getting away w/ something really cool. LOL*

Now mind you when I did the exercise to the max and starved, my weight would plateau. Very frustrating. But now that I’m not starved and exercising with moderation, I’m happier and the weight is dropping. You can’t argue with success.

I just have to lose the old way of thinking about weight loss, “No pain, no gain.”

So what are your weird hang-ups about weight loss?