Hearts & Scribbles

Monday Mayhem: Smelling The Roses


June has been a whirlwind of a month and it’s barely past the halfway mark. In fact, the entire year of 2013 has gone by in the blur. This week I was reminded that sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and smell the roses. Life is just too short not to stop once in a while and take stock of the many blessing in your life.

The one thing I am most appreciative of is my family. They are awesome!!!! And I am so blessed to have them in my life. Without them, I most likely wouldn’t be writing this post because I wouldn’t have followed my dream and become a published romance author. *dreamy sigh* They can be quite a pushy bunch when they want to be, always for a good cause, of course. LOL.

And I’m thankful for my friends both new and old. That’s one thing I love about the romance biz, it’s filled with such great people from generous writers to very kind readers. I’ve been floored and awed by these people. I can only hope to pass their generosity forward.

I’m also thankful for my humble home filled with an abundance of love and great memories.

And my furbabies, who hold me down and see that the writing gets done. ;-)

Oh and one more thing…I’m grateful that my dream of being a romance author came true and that I’m still walking on the clouds. July 1st is just around the corner. :-)

What are you grateful for today?