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Monday Mayhem: Meet My New Friend, Chip!

Today I’m hitting the road, but more about that after a little introduction.


I’d like you to meet my new little buddy, Chip. :-)

Since I’ve been working outside on the porch, Chip and I have been hanging out together. He’s the most ornery chipmunk you’d ever want to meet. And he isn’t the least bit shy, as you can tell by him posing for the camera…with flash. What a ham!

So he sits on the porch with me while I type on the laptop. For the most part he watches me. But watching a human pound away on a computer is tough work for a chipmunk and it makes him hungry. So he slips off the porch into the bordering flower garden to check out what’s available to eat. This day he decides to sample the violas as it appears they make a good snack.

Oh and Chip does NOT like bachelor buttons. And I don’t just mean to eat, nope, he doesn’t like them at all. I had some I started from seeds and planted them only to find them days later pulled up and tossed aside. I’m just hoping he isn’t too picky or I might not have many flowers left in the garden.

And the worst part is he’s so darn cute that I just can’t stay mad at him. Speaking of which I wonder what mischief he’s into now. ;-)

Now about me hitting the road, today is my first day out on my RANCHER TO THE RESCUE book blog tour. If you’d like to check out what I’m up to for the next month, the dates and links should be posted on my calendar.

Today you’ll be able to find me at Stella Ex Libris. Oh and did I mention there will be giveaways at various stops along my tour!!! Hope to see you there. :-)