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My Friday Read + Scavenger Hunt + Quick 6 #WIN

Happy Friday! Today I'm reading the second book in the NYC Angels series. And I'm loving it!


NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr. Serious

Gorgeous surgeon—with a guarded heart

Hotshot surgeon Dan Morris fixes his little patients' heart, but no woman has ever melted the icy barricades around his own. Then he meets cheery Molly Shriver, the physiotherapist treating his injured son. Her joie-de-vivre helps Dan see the world in a new light. Molly might be able to see behind Dan's mask to the damaged man beneath, but she knows better than most that letting her help him heal is a whole other issue….

In other news...

I'm answering a Quick Six at Tawny Weber's blog. And asking a question of my own. One lucky commenter will win a copy of RANCHER TO THE RESCUE. Hope you stop by. 

And then I'm over at the Night Owl Review's Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt where I'm reading the fill-in-the-blank blurbs and finding a whole bunch of new-to-me books to add to my wish-list. 

This is a definite check it out event! 

There are numerous author gift baskets up for grabs. I don't know about you but I love those. 

There is a gift back up for RANCHER TO THE RESCUE it includes:

custom-made Rancher To The Rescue book-cover necklace, autographed copy of Rancher To The Rescue, Rancher To The Rescue magnet plus other swag, and a $15 Starbucks Gift Card