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Weigh-in Wednesday: Routines...Good? Or Bad?


Happy Wednesday! The sun is shining. The flowers are growing. And I’m feeling energetic…and it’s a good thing with my debut, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE, in less than a month, I have tons to do.

As for my fitness/weight loss progress, this past week I went totally off my Weight Watcher's exercise/food routine. We were late getting the flowers planted. Too many heavy frost warnings had us holding off. And it’s a good thing because we had frost late in the season. In fact, the leaves on my beautiful Japanese maple ended up freezing and dying. :-( The tree is a mess of dead leaves now. I can’t wait until they drop off and grow back.

Anyway my week was busy with weeding and planting. Needless to say that my diet was disrupted a bit. But I tried not to cheat too much. But you know how it goes, you work hard, get tired and the resistance fades away. I’ll admit to a total of two bagels during the week. But I really was hungry those nights.

In the process, I also found some muscles that I forgot I had, but believe me they let me know they were still there. In the mornings, walking became a chore. Needless to say I let the exercise slide.

During all of this my weight inched upward. *sigh* Not sure if it was because of the change in routine. Or water gain as it’s hot under that sun and I was chugging diet iced tea. ;-)

But at last, I got back to my Weight Watcher's program/routine and I netted a one pound loss for the week. :-) It’s new low for me. So I am very happy.

Based on my past week, I’d say sticking with a routine works best for me…not that I don’t switch around my exercises or what food I eat. But I do have a routine of exercising in the morning. And I have yogurt for breakfast and soup/apple for lunch. Dinner is a wildcard meal, but within reason.

How about you? Do you like to switch things up a lot?