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Monday Mayhem: RANCHER TO THE RESCUE debuts!!! #party #celebrate #squee

This crazy journey started a long, long time ago when I was a kid asking Santa for a typewriter. I wanted to write a book. I wanted to be published. Not that I had any clue what that meant at that point. Since then I grew up and my adventure took me on a lot of crazy twists and turns, but through it all I kept coming back to my dream—to be an author. And I’d since learned that Romance was what I wanted to write. ;-)

Fast forward to October 18th 2012 when I got “The Call” from my amazing editor at Harlequin Romance. She has the most fabulous English accent. J When she told me my book would be out in July, I thought it sounded so far off. I was certain it would take forever for my debut to hit store shelves and go live online. I stared at the calendar and started marking off days, literally. I wasn’t anxious at all. LOL.

Now suddenly it is here. My dream is a reality.

I want to thank my many writing friends, new and old. You guys have been great!!! You’ve supported me when my nerves got the best of me, when the dreaded R’s came and celebrated with me at various milestones. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a baby? Well in this case it took a village of romance writers to help me to this point. And I sincerely thank you all.

I’m celebrating the release of RANCHER TO THE RESCUE today. I told myself that I would try and do my word count since I’m near the end of my WIP, but after yesterday’s lack of concentration, I’ve pretty much given up writing today.

Instead I’ll be celebrating. So won’t you please join me? I’ll be at these places today:

Maria's Book Blog

Romance Book Paradise 

 Debra's Book Cafe 

And if you are interested in entering some giveaways, you might want to check out these spots:

The Book Tart ends July 2nd

Ex Libris ends July 5th

Bookhounds ends July 7th

Included in the Scavenger Hunt is a gift basket for RANCHER TO THE RESCUE.

It includes:

a custom-made Rancher To The Rescue book-cover necklace, autographed copy of Rancher To The Rescue, Rancher To The Rescue magnet plus other swag, and a $15 Starbucks Gift Card