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Weigh-in Wednesday - Totally Unprepared


Hi. Welcome back! 

It's been a while since we met up for Weigh-in Wednesday. And like the title says, I'm totally unprepared. That happens sometimes. ;-)

I have an excuse but that's like the saying I heard on Army Wives, which went something like this, Excuses are like backsides, everyone's got one and most of them don't smell too good. LOL. 

But I'm going to live daringly and throw mine out there since it's a little off the norm. My debut went live on Amazon, B&N and in stores. So I was doing my blog tour and going out signing books plus there was a national holiday in there. See I told you it was unique.  Does that earn me any passes??? Didn't think so. ;-)

As such I slipped...err, I fell off the Weight Watchers bandwagon. Not proud of it. So I gained a couple of pounds. *disgruntled sigh* But I'm climbing back on. 

The coolest thing I found about Weight Watchers is that fruit is a freebie. Woohoo! The hubby and I have been having watermelon for desert on these hot evenings. It totally hits the spot. I'm in love. LOL.

My only other problem now is I'm staring at my book deadline at the end of the month and I want to skip exercising so I can keep writing. Hmm...I can see this is going to be a challenge for me because I don't miss deadlines and I stress out thinking I might miss one. So this is going to be a real challenge to force myself to take time out to exercise. You guys are going to have to keep me honest. Okay? 

And how about you? How have you been doing on the fitness front? 

Is anyone still keeping me company? Anyone???