Hearts & Scribbles

Catching up & a New Title!


Hi. So sorry it's been a while since I've had a chance to post. Hope you enjoyed the blog hop and got to check out some new books. 

I've been huddled away in my writing cave working on book #3 that you might have heard me reference as Mr. GQ and the hammering-wielding heroine's story. They were amazing to work with. I just loved their story. And it was bittersweet to press 'send'.

Now their story is in my editor's hands and I can't wait to read her feedback. So I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to them yet. There will be some revisions to implement first.

But....I do have some exciting news.

My editor passed along their title and release date. Squee!!! 

coming March 2014.... 


*happy sigh* 

Now it's time to refill the creative well before I dive into my next book. And yes, I already have the framework figured out. But the beauty is in the details...those I've yet to discover. :-)