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Weigh-In Wednesday: Getting back in motion


Autumn is here. My favorite season. :-)

The school buses are zipping up and down the road. The weather is cooling off. And the leaves are starting to drop. It’s time to get back into a healthy routine. This summer with my debut, I totally fell off the healthy bandwagon. *struggling to climb back on*

In an effort to get things back in order, I’ve started a modest amount of exercise until I get used to it again. I also signed back into Weight Watchers. I hate to admit it, but it’d been since July since I’d updated my account and I forgot my password. No worries. It’s all straightened out now. I just have to get into the routine of recording everything again.

This also means forgoing the easy fast meals and cooking from scratch. Thankfully when we got back from vacay, dh loaded the fridge up with fresh veggies. I still have to get some fruit.

So how about you? How did you fare through the summer months?

Hopefully you did better than me.

If not, we can climb back on the eat-healthier-and-get-moving bandwagon together. :-)