Hearts & Scribbles

My Friday Read

Now that I'm getting back to exercise, I'm getting back to reading. I know that sounds a little strange. LOL. But when I exercise, I love to ride my stationary bike. I think in part because I know I get to read a good book while doing it. The ultimate of multi-tasking with wonderful rewards.

This week I pulled a new author from my TBR pile. She's a wonderful lady and from what I've read so far, a wonderful writer...

Belle Calhoune signed on with Love Inspired. And her debut is called REUNITED WITH THE SHERIFF. I started reading this book and hated to put it down.

Happy reading! 

The Prodigal Returns

After injuring her best friend in a car accident, Cassidy Blake decided to leave town permanently. But now that her mother's sick, she's back to make amends. Sheriff Tate Lynch doesn't want to forgive his former fiancée for his sister's injury or for breaking his heart. And he certainly doesn't want to admit he still has feelings for her. The community can see her commitment to the town as she helps rebuild a church destroyed in a storm. But Tate's afraid of history repeating itself, even though Cassidy's actions prove she's a different person. Could the last secret she harbors about the accident drive Tate away for good?