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My Friday Read


My Friday read is a great book. You'll definitely want to check it out. Oh wait, you can't. At least not yet. ;-) 

Today I'm reading SAFE IN THE TYCOON'S ARMS, my March release with Harlequin Romance. My AA's are due Monday and I need to give Kate and Lucas one last read through before I let them go and move on. Why is saying goodbye so hard?  *sniffles*

Anyway since we can't read the same thing today, I'm looking over my TBR pile for something really good that I've been waiting to read. Oh, I know. But it hasn't arrived yet, even though I got the notice that it's in the mail days ago.

I have an exciting author for you to check out... 

Amy Ruttan.

She's a debut author for Harlequin's Medical line. And if you know anything about me, I love that line. ;-) 

She emailed me when she got the call and I've been waiting ever since to read this book. I sure wish the mailman would hurry up. *pacing*

While I keep checking for the mailman, here's a glimpse of her September debut:


Safe in His Hands
By Amy Ruttan

Dare she place her heart in his care?

Dr. Charlotte James will do anything to save her best friend's unborn baby—even turn to her ex-fiancé, Dr. Quinn Devlyn! Their relationship ended badly after the loss of their own little miracle, and while Charlotte trusts the hotshot neonatal surgeon's amazing ability, she doesn't trust the man who buries his emotions in work….

A career-threatening injury has left Quinn at a crossroads in his life. But, working with Charlotte again in the snowbound beauty of her isolated community practice, he realizes he's been given a second chance to prove that both the baby and Charlotte's fragile heart will be safe in his hands….


And that's what I'm reading on this sunny Friday.

 How about you? What great read have you discovered?