Hearts & Scribbles

Monday Mayhem: Almost there...


As you read this post, I'm finishing up the last scene of my current manuscript. Yay!

I really enjoyed this journey with some amazing characters. I once again got to spread my wings and try something a little different. This book will have a tall, dark and sexy prince. *dreamy sigh*

And now that I'm at the end of the story, I'm a mixed bag of emotions. I'm relieved to have written another entire book (sometimes at the beginning I wonder if I can really pull it off. LOL) and then there's a bit of sadness knowing my journey with these special characters has reached its conclusion.

However, there are a few more steps I have to take with these characters before we part ways. And this is where the magic takes place--editing/revising. I always edit my stories before sending them off to my editor. While writing the draft, I drop story threads. I don't have the patience to write descriptions on initial drafts. There's a whole bunch of things that I gloss over when my fingers are trying to keep up with my imagination. It can be a wild ride. LOL. But I do take timeouts and write myself some notes. And it's when I go back and fill in those empty spots or weave in these story threads that I see the story come alive and take on a life of it's own.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be in my editing cave trying to make Alex and Reese's story the strongest it can be before my editor takes a look at it. So if I am a little quieter than normal, you'll know that I'm writing by day and reading RITA books by nights. ;-)

I hope you have a great week!