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It's a costume party and you're invited!!!

Are you ready to dress up for Halloween? Who will you be? Prince Alex and Reese (A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS) are dressing up. Bet you can't guess as what. ;-) Find out by joining the bash over at Fresh Fiction's Costume Party...Some of your favorite authors are sending their characters to this virtual party in style. Be ready to mingle with royalty, because Prince Alexandro Castanavo of the Mirraccino Islands (and his soon-to-be princess Reese Harding), the hero and heroine of Jennifer Faye's A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS, have just arrived! Read more HERE!!!

Prince Alexandro Castanavo of the Mirraccino Islands is on the run from the paparazzi. His mission is to protect the royal family from certain scandal. In order to do this, he must keep his true identity a secret--even from his beautiful innkeeper, Reese Harding. But will a kiss beneath the mistletoe and the magic of the season be enough to make this regular American girl into A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS

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