Hearts & Scribbles

Monday Mayhem: Thankfulness

Happy Monday! I'm starting my week off with some very kind words for my current release, A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS. "Looking for a heart-warming fairy tale love story?!  This book is for you!  I absolutely loved this book!" - Curling Up With a Good Book ~ 5 Stars. You can read the full review by clicking HERE.

You don't know how good it feels to know that I've achieved my goal--I've connected with a reader. I gave them a story that they enjoyed. :-) It makes all of those long hours at the keyboard so worth it.

And I am so thankful when I hear from readers and reviewers that have enjoyed my books. It is so great to know that there are people out there that get what I'm trying to say on the page. :-)


This week I'm working on a special book...it is part of a continuity. If you don't know what that is trust me you aren't alone. It is a series of connected books written by different authors. In this case, it's a Harlequin Romance Continuity and it will have eights books. Susan Meier will by kicking off the series in July 2015 and I am very thankful to be asked to write the second book - August 2015. :-D

But let me tell you the pressure is amazing to get this book right. These are very, very closely linked books and I'm stressing to get it all right without messing anything up for the authors that will follow. It is definitely a different sort of experience. In the end, I think the series is going to be an amazing reading experience. Can you tell I'm excited to be a part of it?