Hearts & Scribbles

Such sweet words...THE END...

Happy Monday! :-)

This weekend I typed 'The End' on my latest book. Granted it's just the initial draft but like so many authors say, you can't edit a blank page. So now I have many, many pages with lots of words to edit.

Now you'd think I'd been jumping for joy... 

But instead I'm as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. *bites nails* The good news is I always feel this way at this stage with EVERY book so I recognize the signs. 

What am I nervous about?

Rereading this manuscript and seeing if it's as bad as the pesky doubt crow is leading me on to believe. Or will some polishing will shine it up into something presentable?

I'm hoping for the latter, but you never know. Tomorrow starts a round of editing. Lets hope it goes well so that I can take Thanksgiving week off. Fingers and toes crossed. :-)

I hope you have a good week. I'll be spending mine in my editing cave. Wish me luck. ;-)