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Monday Mayhem - Pressing 'send'


Happy Monday! For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope it was a good holiday. For my family, it was a combination Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday. It was the only time our immediate family will be together for Christmas sooo we made the most of it.

Black Friday got converted to Christmas Day. So the week was filled with last minute Christmas shopping, good food, gift wrapping and wonderful company. The only down side to it was that it just went too darn fast and before I was ready we were putting darling daughter on a plane. *sniff-sniff*


In between all of the festivities of the week, I had a book to finish. It’s due today. So I was up late, late typing, polishing and proofing. In the end, I think the book turned out really well. I pressed ‘send’ Sunday night. Now I’ve got my fingers and toes firmly crossed that my editor will like it too and that the revisions aren’t too heavy. It’d be a really nice Christmas present. *hint-hint* LOL.

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Now I better get back to work. I have a whole lot planned for 2015. It’s gearing up to be a very exciting year. ;-)