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Monday Mayhem - The End

Happy Monday! :-)

Today I am racing toward the end of my current WIP, which hopefully will end up being my 8th Harlequin Romance. It's slated for an August 2015 release.

At this point, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. That's always an amazing feeling. :-) But my characters always have so much they want to say and do before the final words are printed so I end up running long. I cut the manuscript down to size during the editing stage.

One of the things I love most about reaching the end is knowing my characters inside an out. They try so hard at the beginning to keep their secrets. They clam up and fight me. They don't want me and my readers to know about their broken hearts, their family traumas, their nightmares, and their devastation. But those emotional turmoils must all be laid out there. It's the only way they'll ever achieve their HEA's.

And this is the point when I can go back to the beginning and fill in those little details that explain their motivations and reactions. I then know exactl why they're so outlandish, so shy, so coy or so cold. I know them and they can't hide anymore.

I must admit that the editing stage (round #2) is the most exciting for me. It's when the story goes from black and white to high definition. It's an exciting process. And I'm almost there.

I hope you'll enjoy Angelo and Kayla's story as much as I have writing it. It's definitely different than my other books. It is also part of an 8-book Harlequin Romance continuity that launches July 2015. Angelo and Kayla's story will be the second book in the series.

And now I must return to my writing cave. I hope you have a wonderful week!