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Weigh-in Wednesday - A Milestone #dieting #weightloss

Happy Wednesday! :-)

It's a beautiful day. A gorgeous day. Yes, I know some are in the grips of an arctic express while others of us wait for it to strike wondering if it'll bring the first snow of the season. But even that can't ruin my week.

My scale was good to me. At last!

I lost ten pounds!!! :-)

I hope this is my first of many more milestones. Fingers crossed.

I'm still keeping up with my Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and elliptical. It seems to be working. And as added incentive I get to watch Y&R while on the elliptical. It really works as an incentive since I don't have time the rest of the day.

Now it's your turn. How's your fitness coming? Any helpful tips you'd like to share with us?