Hearts & Scribbles

Monday Mayhem: Say it ain’t snow…


That’s right. It’s snowing as I write this post and there’s another snow storm in the forecast. I think they are going to run out of letters before this season is done. And since when did they start naming winter storms???

Anyway, I had a very busy Valentine’s weekend. First hubby took me out for one of my favorite dinners followed by grocery shopping. A little reality mixed in with the romance. ;-)

Then I spent the weekend finalizing my Romance duet, due out sometime in 2015. I pressed ‘send’ so now it’s in my editor’s hands. Hope she likes them. These stories are different for me and I really had a lot of fun plotting them. And I’ve got even more detailed ideas for when I start drafting the stories.

In the meantime, I received revisions on my Christmas story. So I’m shifting gears and making Prince Alex and Reese’s story even stronger. It’s always great to have another trained set of eyes to point out where I can strengthen things because I always want the reader to have the strongest story possible.

And in between, I’m doing my RITA reading. I’m reading a really great book right now that’s hard to put down. ;-)

I hope your week is a good one. And warm without any snow. But if you’re in need of some white stuff, I’ve got plenty to share. :-)