Hearts & Scribbles

It's not fair...stomps foot


Last night for dinner I had my first fresh asparagus of the season. It was so tender. It was delicious! And with the warm sunshine I declared that spring had sprung.

Then the radio announcer gets on the radio and says that we are due for snow flurries. WHAT??? He can't be serious. Does he not know that I have spring fever? LOL.

So I guess I'll stay huddled up inside today and continue to write. I heard back from my editor on my upcoming Christmas book. She said it was "heart-warming, emotional and powerful." Sounds pretty good, huh? :-)

Anyway she had a few minor things for me to polish up. I love that she takes the time and effort to help make my books as strong as possible.

So that's what I'll be working on while the flurries are fluttering about. I was hoping to complete these light revisions yesterday but life interfered and my writing time was severely limited.

But don't worry, I'll take a few breaks to head out on the SAFE IN THE TYCOON'S ARMS blog tour. Today's stops include:

Hope to see you arond. Have a great day!!!