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SAFE IN THE TYCOON'S ARMS is still on store shelves!!! Don't forget to buy a copy!

SAFE IN THE TYCOON'S ARMS: Don't forget to stop at the store and buy yourself a copy!

Even though she knew that he was in fact Lucas Carrington, Kate didn’t want to let on just yet. After all, he hadn’t readily taken her word that she wasn’t a squatter. Why not let him see what it was like not to be believed? 

He shrugged. “So they’re old jeans. It doesn’t mean anything.” 

“I don’t know. This could all be an act. How am I to know that you aren’t pretending to be the owner? Maybe I should call the police and let them sort this out.” 

Instead of the angry response she’d been anticipating, the corners of his mouth lifted. Was that a smile? Her stomach somersaulted. 

“I guess I deserve that. Wait here.” He set off in the same direction he’d gone to grab his clothes and the robe he’d loaned her.

The scorching hot image of him in those boxer shorts flashed in her mind. Her pulse kicked up a notch or two. If Lucas wasn’t already wealthy, he could make a fortune as an underwear model. She’d be first in line to buy the magazine. 

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