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COVER REVEAL "The Return of the Rebel" plus EXCLUSIVE excerpt

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It has been the week for special announcements that's for sure. And I'm thrilled to start this week off with a cover reveal for my fourth book, THE RETURN OF THE REBEL. I can't even tell you how many times I checked the Harlequin online system and updated Amazon waiting for the cover to show up. Last time the email with my cover got lost in cyberspace so the first time I saw it was on Amazon. I wasn't about to let that happen this time. Yes, I am as bad as a kid waiting for Santa. And let me tell you the excitement of waiting for a book cover does not diminish with the number of releases. If anything it might grow some. LOL.

I was so anxious to see if the art department had incorporated any of my suggestions into the cover. And they had. I think it turned out really well. And the hero is super cute. ;-)

But first let me share a little about THE RETURN OF THE REBEL coming July 2014.


The guy from the wrong side of the tracks… 

Being promoted should be a dream come true, only it means working closely with Cleo's childhood crush, Jax Monroe. Jax may no longer be the rebel she remembers, but he still gets her heart racing like no other.  

Jax cares too much about Cleo to let her get too close—but keeping his distance is proving impossible! As Jax reveals the extent of what he's been through, will Cleo show him that some things are too precious to put off until tomorrow?


Exclusive Snippet:

“You won’t regret giving me this opportunity.”

And hopefully neither will I.

Cleo Sinclair kept the worrisome thought to herself as she held her cheery smile in place. With the meeting at last over, she sailed out of the office of the Vice President of Player Development, barely remembering to pull the door closed behind her. Away from Mr. Burns’s cool demeanor and skeptical stare, she rotated her shoulders, easing the tension.

At the end of the hall, the elevator chimed and the door opened, allowing an employee to exit. Cleo stepped up her pace and slipped into the open car. Her pink manicured nail pressed the button for the main floor. Once the doors swished shut, the air whooshed out of her lungs and she leaned against the wall for support.

Step one was done. She had the job, albeit on a trial basis.

Now on to step number two.

She had to prove to the ever-doubting Mr. Burns that she was up to his challenge. She could and would bring in wealthy clientele eager to gamble at one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious establishments, the Glamour Hotel and Casino.

A glance at her image in the polished doors had her adjusting her cheery yellow dress, which dipped a little lower than she’d like. When she’d worked in the accounting department, her attire hadn’t been so important. But now working the front-end of the casino, everything about her appearance mattered. She smoothed her hands over the skirt. It wasn’t the fanciest outfit she’d ever stitched. In fact, she’d worried that she’d made a mistake by choosing to wear it, but with each compliment from her fellow employees, her nervousness had eased…that was until her meeting.

She halted her rambling thoughts and inhaled a deep breath.

It was too late to second-guess herself. The train had left the station. The ship had sailed. Oh heck, it didn’t matter what phrase she used. Her plan was in motion. And she would succeed.

After all, she’d just put her entire future on the line. There was no going back. No changing her mind. If this arrangement didn’t work, she couldn’t stay in Vegas nor would she be able to return home to Wyoming. 

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