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Recipe Roundup: Pasta Salad

The nice weather has rolled around at last. :-)

And I'm a seasonal eater which means I love stews, roasts, and chili in the winter, but come spring I like to switch up the menu. One spring/summer staple in our house is pasta salad. It goes with just about anything from pizza to bbq chicken. 

Tonight, that's what I'm serving up in our house.

Pasta Salad

1 lb shell pasta

(1) 16 oz can, black olives, sliced

(1) cucumber, chopped small

(1) bell pepper, chopped small

(6) roma tomatoes, chopped small

8 oz shredded cheese, cheddar or mozzarella

1/8 lb hard salami, chopped

1/8 lb, pepperoni, chopped

(2) packs Good Seasons salad dressing mix

Cook pasta according to package directions. Rinse in cold water. Toss with of olive oil to keep it from sticking.

In a large bowl, combine vegetable, cheese and meat.

Mix up on of the salad dressing packets according to directions. Add it to the salad.

Combine salad. Cover with plastic wrap. Let chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Mix up the other salad dress packet and set aside. To be used when salad is served. To be added individually to each person's preferences.