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Monday Mayhem: What My Kid Taught Me

I never ever stress out. *crosses fingers behind my back*


Okay. Okay. You can stop the laughter. So that isn’t quite the case, just ask my family. Wait. On second thought, DON’T. :-)

It hasn’t quite been a year since my debut, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE, hit store shelves last July.

 I thought for sure by now I would have a handle on everything. After all, I started working on the publishing stuff/social media before my debut was out. And next month I’ll receive copies of my fourth release, THE RETURN OF THE REBEL. Yes, it really is #4. I counted it out on my fingers. ;-)

Every day I am finding things that I didn’t know about or didn’t understand. *light bulb moments*

But I must admit that it is a giddy moment when I figure out something or find that my efforts aren’t for naught.

But between you and me, I must admit those gleeful moments are far and few in between. Most of the time, I feel the pressure of thinking about what else I’m not doing that I should be doing. And then there’s all of the things that I already know and should be on top of but for one reason or another, I’ve fallen behind. The stress begins to churn and grow.

So the other day my daughter was complaining because something she was working on wasn’t developing as quickly as she would like. I could hear the defeated tone in her voice. So like the wise parent that I am—hey, I hear that snickering in the back. ;-)

Anyway I told her to take her time and just keep working at it. Some things just take time to grow and build. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As I was saying the encouraging words to her not to get frustrated and to give up, I started to think about how they applied to me and my writing pursuits. Sometimes in our rush to achieve things we forget about the lessons we've already learned. Thanks to my kid, she jarred my memory. ;-)

I have so many dreams and so many stories that are yammering to be told that I heap on the stress to get more done faster. At times it slows me down to a snail’s pace.

*Now where’s a snail graphic when you need one? ;-) *

Maybe I need to remember my own advice to my daughter instead of letting the pressures build and feeling like a failure because I don’t have everything where I want it to be when I think it should be there.

I need to take comfort in the smaller accomplishments, like meeting my daily word count. And know by taking a deep breath and steadily moving forward that things will come together. Whether it’s 1K, 2K or 4K, it’s forward momentum that is leading to “The End”.

Maybe I won’t reach “The End” on my eager timetable, but it will work out if I just have patience.

And maybe then I won’t be so stressed . ;-)