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When the idea for Jax and Cleo’s story came to mind, I was enthralled with the idea of using Las Vegas as the setting. I find the history of that city, from the danger to the excitement, so unique. Vegas was full of action and I wanted to bring a hint of that flavor into Jax and Cleo’s story.

Jax is drawn to Vegas as a means of escape, hoping to get lost in a crowd while enjoying the rush of excitement as he tests Lady Luck. What he doesn’t count on is running into a blast from the past—his best friend’s little sister, who isn’t so little anymore. But this unexpected reunion isn’t the only hitch in his Vegas getaway.

Cleo and Jax are a great match as they challenge each other to conquer their fears. I hope you’ll enjoy their mishaps and adventures on their journey to find their happily ever after.

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The Return of the Rebel by Jennifer Faye

The Return of the Rebel

by Jennifer Faye

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