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New Freebie!!! And it's going fast...

I've got a new freebie to share! A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS bookmarks!!! And if you can go by my newsletter subscribers who had first dibs, they loved them. :-) I just sent out mailings to my newsletter subscribers, between bookmarks and free books, they filled two paper boxes to the top. It took an hour at the post office to sort out. Wow! I am so touched by the support. <3

And now I'm offering the remaining bookmarks on a first come, first serve basis until I run out. To have a better view of the bookmark, you can see it HERE

P.S. I am so sorry but due to postage fees this offer is limited to U.S. residents only.

If you'd like to request some for yourself, your family, friends, book club, or library you can place your request HERE. Please remember your snail mail addy: