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Written Fireside: I Looked Away - Part 9

Welcome to the ninth edition to a story started by the fabulous Lori Connelly. The story, I LOOKED AWAY, is being written round-robin-style by eleven amazing writers and I am very honored to be asked to join in.

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Part Nine:

Donnan’s cold, emotionless stare sent a shiver racing over Madeline’s skin, leaving behind an army of goose bumps. Over the years, she wondered if they’d ever meet up again, if he’d ever want to be a part of his daughter’s life. In all of her imaginings, she’d never come up with a twisted scenario like this one. What had she ever seen in the man? Had she ever really known him at all?

“This is your fault.” Donnan’s voice rumbled, sending her insides quivering.

When he lunged for her, she jumped back.

Garrett yanked him back. “There’s no one here to blame but you.” Garrett’s sympathetic gaze moved to her. “Why don’t you take Megan to the Jeep? I’ll wait here for the others.”

The man standing before her was a total stranger. There was barely a resemblance to the man she knew in college. She couldn’t help but wonder what had made him change so much? Or had he been hiding this part of himself all along?

Madeline turned to start up the hill. If she had played a part in bringing this man—this monster—back into their lives then she wanted—no, she needed to know how. She needed to end this here and now.

She turned around. “How can you blame me? I haven’t tried to contact you since Megan was born—”

“You mean when you took it upon yourself to tell my father about his grandchild?”

It was true. She had told his father. Donnan had refused to take any of her calls, and she’d been alone with a newborn. She’d thought if he knew about Megan, he might change his mind—he might want to be part of their life.

“I notice you’re not denying it. Well, thanks to you my father has written me out of his will. Since I’m such a huge disappointment to him, he’s giving his money to her.” Donnan’s darkened gaze moved to Megan. “She’s not getting my money! Do you hear me? She won’t get it! It’s mine! All mine!”

Madeline’s protective grip on her daughter tightened. This was all over money? Money that she and her daughter didn’t even know about or want?

She’d heard enough. He was still shouting as she started toward the Jeep. There was no chance of reasoning with him now.

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