Hearts & Scribbles

If you enjoy tea, I've got something to share with you...

Are you a tea lover?

I am! *raises both hands*

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t look forward to a cup or glass of tea. I just love how versatile it is—iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter. And please don’t ask me to choose between the two.

If you ever read any of my writer interviews, you’ve probably heard me mention my love of tea. Andy of Plum Deluxe read one of the interviews and contacted me over the holidays to try one of his teas. Well, how could I say no? I love trying new teas. Just ask my hubby. My tea collection is taking over the kitchen. ;-) Thankfully the hubby is a really good sport.

Anyway Andy kindly sent me the Reading Nook Blend. How appropriate is that? :-)

The description on the bag says: The blend of joy. Pairs well with creativity, reading & writing, relaxing.

It arrived in a cute cloth bag. I must admit that I love cute presentations. It makes me sit up and take notice. And Plum Deluxe definitely got my attention.

Next up, the taste test. I just love sampling a new tea. And I really enjoyed the delicate, flowery aroma of this tea! Just perfect to pair up with my upcoming release, A MOMENT TO LOVE (A Whistle Stop Romance, book 1). Tea and a romance. Perfect! :-)

If you would like to check out the Plum Deluxe collection, you can find it HERE.