Hearts & Scribbles

Monday Mayhem: Catching up…and falling behind

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a good start.

I must say that my week is off to a particularly good start. :-)

For the first time in months, my inbox has been put to rights. Yay!!! I just love a clean inbox. It’s such a fleeting feeling though. Probably by the time you’re reading this post, new things-to-be-done have hit my inbox and will stay there until I have time to complete the designated task.

While I was busy tackling all of the admin tasks in my inbox, my writing has been falling behind. *sigh* It’s constantly a balancing act. Now the inbox must be set aside as I have two book deadlines by the beginning of March. So those must take priority. 

And did I mention that while I was fighting my way through my inbox, I came up with a new series idea. It's something a little different. Lately, ideas are like rabbits and they just keep multiplying. So somehow, some way I need to get faster so I can write all of these books. LOL.

FYI, if I’m a little quieter than normal for the next several weeks, you’ll know that I’m huddling beneath a warm throw with a mug of hot tea and Writer Kitty next to me as I race toward ‘The End’. :-)