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Monday Mayham - Plotting and Planning

Happy Monday! :-)

It has been way too long since I last wrote a Monday Mayhem post. That in part is because I've been doing a major writing marathon this year. I release 7 books in 2015. My latest and last for this year is just hitting store shelves this week, THE PRINCE'S CHRISTMAS VOW. When I was out and about with the hubster this weekend I noticed that it was in some stores but not all had stitched their stock from October to November. ;-)

My next deadline isn't till January. And I will have a set of revisions before Christmas but at least I can at last breath, a little. I also just sent my editor some brief story ideas that would fill up my calendar for the rest of 2016. Am waiting to hear back on those. Fingers crossed though as I'm very excited about the ideas and am eager to explore them more. I have some synopsis to write in my near future. 

In order to keep all of my deadlines straight, I've been testing what works best for me. A couple of years ago, I switched from a day planner that I was used to using at the office job to a wall calendar. Though it was really great to easily see the big picture, there just wasn't enough room for everything that I needed to track.

Next I tried a BIG desk calendar. This wasn't so bad. There was room to write, but what I soon found out was that it was easily covered with my laptop, printouts, and miscellaneous stuff. So much so that I got tired of decluttering it.

So I decided switch things up...again. And after hearing a friend mention it, I decided to give Me & My Big Ideas a try...

What did I like about it? It had vertical days, which works for me. There is a month overview and then big daily columns. And it's colorful. It even comes with stickers, if you want. I didn't order those. *snaps fingers* I should have. Anything to make it feel less like work, helps. 

I've had it for a month now and so far so good. Except while I was on deadline, I fell behind updating it. So what will I be doing this evening...updating my day planner so that I'm less stressed.

How do you keep yourself on track and organized? Love hearing how other people do it. ;-)