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Monday Mayhem: A hit and A miss... #amwriting #amlearning

Writing is a learning experience in sooo many ways…

I love to write! It’s a daily adventure, not to mention a learning experience. Not only do I get to explore various settings around the world from bustling city streets in the United States to the quiet, historic villages in the Mediterranean. In addition, I also explore various careers as well as different types of homes from brownstones to mansions. It is a daydreamers delight! I can get lost on the internet for hours. ;-)

But there are other things I learn along the way and that is that some books are a hit with readers and some books are a strike and a miss. Every reader is different and reads things in various ways. The books I learn the most from are the misses. And they aren’t easy lessons to learn. But they are necessary in order to grow as a writer.

One of the very first lessons readers taught me was that a large majority of readers enjoy an epilogue to see the hero and heroine enjoying their HEA. That was a head desk moment. I readily corrected that as I love epilogues too. :-) About halfway through writing a book, I skip ahead and write the epilogue. Yes, I get that excited about them. LOL. But I don’t get to write them in my series books – Whistle Stop Romances – as those characters and their stories will continue in some small way in future Whistle Stop books. ;-)

Sometimes readers don’t connect with a book for various reasons that is something a writer has zero control over. That’s a shrug it off moment and keep moving forward. Not everyone will like a book and there’s nothing a writer can do about it…even if their fondest wish is to have everyone moved by every book. Hey, writers are dreamers. ;-)

However, the most frustrating, depressing part is reading a review or comment where your book failed to connect with a reader and you understand the reason why. It’s that “oh yeah, I can see that now, wish I could have done it a little different” moment, but not being able to go back and make the adjustment. When a book is done, it’s done.

All a writer can do is keeping moving forward and hopefully applying what they learned from prior books to future books. That’s what I’m trying to do as I grow as a writer. Fingers crossed.

We’ll see if it’s working as I have three more releases this year:

RETURN OF THE ITALIAN TYCOON – August – It’s the second book in an 8-book continuity, The Vineyards of Calanetti

A MOMENT ON THE LIPS – October – The third book in the Whistle Stop series – Piper and Joe’s story. FYI, each book in the Whistle Stop series comes with its own HEA there are no cliffhangers. ;-)

THE PRINCE’S CHRISTMAS VOW – November - This is the second book in the Twin Princes of Mirraccino duet. The first book is A Princess by Christmas (Prince Alex’s story). The Prince’s Christmas Vow tells Prince Demetrius’s story and wraps up the series.