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Monday Mayhem: Project Me

Happy Monday! :-) And it’s a very good one as I just pressed ‘send’ on my super secret book. It’s winging its way to my editor and now I have to wait to see what she thinks of it. But no worries, I have so many things to catch up on and projects I need to start that I’ll be well occupied for the duration. In fact, I’m certain that it’ll fly by. ;-)

So you’re probably wondering about my blog title: Project Me. Well, this year for Christmas I got lots of wonderful and thoughtful gifts. One of those gifts happened to be a LED lamp. Some of you are probably wondering what I’d need that for…well, it’s great for drying certain types of nail polish.

See way back in high school, I used to change my polish daily so that it matched my outfit. Can you imagine having that much time on your hands? And we’re talking about the polish that used to take forever to dry. I don’t even want to think about how many hours I wasted blowing on my nails to get them to dry. LOL. If only I had all of that free time now, imagine what I could accomplish.

Well, as you can imagine as I got older, time got shorter. Waiting around for nails to dry is way down on my list. So it’s very infrequent when I do them. However, when I heard about this gel polish that dries almost instantly, I was intrigued. So imagine my delight when I found the LED light and glitter gel nail polish under the tree.

Here’s my first attempt. The color is called, Lady Luster. Turn your hand one way, it looks pink. Turn it another way, it looks orange:

I must admit that it was fun to do my nails. What’s next? Purplexed. :-)

I’ve been collecting other colors so perhaps I’ll keep painting them. It helps that the polish doesn’t chip for two weeks. And it’s uplifting to have my nails painted.

What little things do you do lift your spirits?