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Happy Teaser Tuesday! Come meet Kyra and Cristo!!! :-)

Welcome to #TeaserTuesday

A new year and a new book to share. :-)

Today I’m sharing a snippet of Kyra and Cristo’s journey in THE GREEK’S READY-MADE WIFE. It’s my upcoming March release.




“Marry me.”

Kyra Pappas’s breath caught in her throat. She hovered in the doorway of the Governor’s suite of the Blue Tide Resort, the housekeeping pass card still clutched in one hand and a pink feather duster in the other. Had she heard correctly? Did someone just utter a marriage proposal?

Talk about bad timing on her part. Still, being a romantic at heart, she couldn’t resist trying to catch a quick glimpse of the happy couple before making a hasty exit. Her gaze scanned the room until she stumbled across the most gorgeous man wearing a gray tailored suit, sans the tie.

Wait. She recognized him. Yesterday, he’d returned to this suite just as she’d finished freshening everything. They’d chatted briefly about her being American. He’d inquired whether she enjoyed working at the resort. As their conversation had progressed, he’d mentioned some local sites she should visit while in Greece. He’d certainly seemed nice enough.

But right now, he was staring directly at her. Why would he be looking at her when he was in the middle of a marriage proposal? Kyra glanced around. They were alone. And the television was turned off. How could that be?


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